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Breitenwang has historically been a religious and spiritual centre in the Ausserfern. The village was named as a parish in the 12th century and one of the main attractions is the Deanery Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Because of the religious significance of the village, many works by acclaimed 18th century painters, such as Ignaz Waibl, Anton Sturm and Martin Falbesoner, are to be found in the church. The flourishing salt trade and visits from the Bavarian Royal family also contributed to the popularity of Breitenwang.

Nowadays, Breitenwang is known as a village dedicated to Nordic sports and it was the centre for the Junior World Championships in 1994.


Summer is dedicated to the Plansee - the artificial lake and reservoir on the edge of the village. All kinds of summer activities - sailing, fishing, diving - are available at the Plansee and the lake can also be circumnavigated by mountain bike.

Many walks are also available starting from Breitenwang. A particular highlight is the Stuiben Falls (which are also open in winter) - these offer thundering falls, beautiful trails and swimming holes. Canyoning is also on offer from Jörg Brejcha and the mountain guide school alpin-sport.


As mentioned above, Nordic sports are the speciality in Breitenwang and the cross-country skiing trails spread out into the surrounding fields over the winter months.

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