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Ehenbichl - at the foot of the Ehrenberg fortifications - stretches along the right side of the river Lech until it reaches the hamlet of Rieden. Rieden was settled by German nobility in the 19th century and some of the old style of the village can still be seen in their former properties.

In all probability the history of Ehenbichl - and it is intertwined with that of the river Lech - goes back to the days of the Romans. For in those days, this was the only place where one could cross the river.

This is also referred to in the remarkable house-painting at Unterried 18 which shows St Christopher and St Sebastian along with the Austrian coat of arms at around 1500 AD. The bridge over the Lech between Lechaschau and Reutte was first completed in 1464.

Winter Sports

Ehenbichl is a paradise for cross-country skiers, with numerous trails at the foot of the Schlossberg and with beautiful views over the surrounding mountains and the ruins of Ehrenberg. The village also boasts the Waldrast Lift, a small draglift with a beginners' lift beside it and the home of the Skischule Huter Gerd.

Summer Sports

Walking and biking trails lead along the banks of the Lech to Rieden where it is possible to join the Lech Valley Bike Trail. A diversion to the Rieden Lake is always good for admiring the mountain scenery, and a visit to the Spirkenhof in Rieden provides opportunities for riding and showjumping.

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