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Lech Valley - Tyrol's Nature Reserve

The river Lech and its valley are one of the most attractive natural areas in the entire province of the Tyrol.

Flowing through the Ausserfern, the Lech is relatively undisturbed and is home to many rare and beautiful species of flora and fauna. There have been attempts to create a National Park around the natural beauty, and, although this has been set aside for the moment, the mayors of 24 affected communities have agreed that it should become a protected area.

The Lech was originally an extremely dangerous river for local inhabitants, with frequent changes of course, and with the dangers of flood- and melt-water sweeping down from the mountains. These days the LIFE project is involved in both protecting the natural treasures within the valley and with projects to keep the villages on the banks safe from any harm.

It is possible to take part in nature walks which explain some of the unusual plants, birds and animals to be found in this area and the LIFE project actually provides training for local walking guides who specialise in this area.

An information office, providing details of tours and exhibitions, is located in an upstairs room of the fire station in Weissenbach am Lech.

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