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Musau is nestled between Pflach and Vils and is often grouped in with the larger town of Vils. Musau also became part of the Tyrol only in 1816 and until 1981 stretched to Unterletzen.

Since then Musau has consisted of the following hamlets: Brandstatt, Saba, Roßschläg and Musau itself. Two historic fortifications are found in the area of Musau: both outposts of the Ehrenberg fortifications, one at Roßschläg, the other by the Lech (the so-called "Lechschanze").

Tradition is important in Musau (and in Austria) and old customs are kept alive. The village is known especially for its celebrations at "Fasching" ("Carnival" or pre-Lent time in February).

Summer in Musau

Musau is ideally located for excursions in the neighbouring province of Bavaria - the Imperial Castles, walking along the banks of the Schwanensee, shopping in Füssen - from Musau it is only a few kilometres to the border of Austria and the German town of Füssen. For more active pursuits, Musau is directly linked into the local biking and walking trails.

Winter in Musau

The fields of Musau are covered with cross-country skiing trails in winter.