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Reutte, Austria

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Reutte is the administrative centre of the Ausserfern area of Austria. Reutte is positioned at a strategic point at the junction of the Lech, the Ehrenberger Klause gorge and the access to the Allgäu area over the border in Germany, it has been of major importance through the history of settlement in the Ausserfern area.

Originally however the town of Reutte was overshadowed by Breitenwang and it was only through the building of roads and the bridge over the Lech in the Middle Ages that it experienced the rise to the centre of importance in the area.

With the strategic importance of its location and the open nature of the basin around the town, Reutte has seen occupation by a number of feuding forces, most notably in the days of Napoleon. The fortress of Ehrenberg is also a reminder of past military importance. But the market town also possesses more peaceful reminders of its past - especially with the frescoes which can still be seen on the buildings of the old town centre, which were originally painted by artists from the south Tyrol in the 18th century.

Summer in Reutte

Austria is famous for its lakes and the lakes of the Plansee and the Urisee offer a wide variety of aquatic activities in the summer months - sailing, fishing and diving are all available.

The lakes around Reutte also offer stunning panoramas for mountain walkers and there are many much-loved trails both above the lakes and into the less-visited side valley which are favourites of walkers and mountain bikers.

Winter in Reutte

In the winter Reutte is the centre of a network of cross-country skiing trails which spread out into the surrounding fields and villages, as well as offering winter walking trails on the lower-lying paths and cleared ice-skating tracks on the frozen waters of the Plansee.

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