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Ausserfern by car

Travel from Germany

Motorists arriving from northern Europe have a choice of route to the Ausserfern.

Car drivers heading from the north-western side of the continent may prefer to take the route via the Rhine and through Stuttgart and Ulm before heading south to Pfronten and Reutte.

Those arriving from the north-east have the choice of the above route or the itinerary which heads through Munich, and then south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and towards Ehrwald, Lermoos and Reutte.

Travel from Switzerland

The easiest way into the Ausserfern when driving from Switzerland is via Bregenz on the Austrian-German border. Once into Germany there is a choice of taking local roads and heading directly eastwards, or sticking to the motorway up to Memmingen and then turning south again towards Pfronten.

Those looking for a scenic drive in the summer may prefer to take the road up into the Arlberg and Lech, and then via Warth down the Lech valley into the Ausserfern. (Note that this route is closed in the winter!) Another scenic route is the road leading into the Tannheimertal from Sonthofen.

Travel from Austria and Italy

Those driving from the Vorarlberg may prefer to take the routes detailed above. For the rest of Austria the easiest routes are reached from the Tyrol. Once past Innsbruck there is a choice: either via the Fernpass and down into Lermoos or up onto the Seefeld plateau after Innsbruck and via Garmisch-Partenkirchen into Ehrwald.

Those driving from Italy should take the Brenner Pass motorway down to Innsbruck and then follow the routes above.