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Vils – one of the smallest towns in the Tyrol

Vils was once a fortified town on the hotly-disputed border between Bavaria and the Tyrol. Founded in 1408 it took 400 years until Vils eventually became part of Austria. Despite the settlement being officially classed as a town, the main source of income was farming until the 20th century.

Before the rise of light industry, violin-making was the main employment in the town. This skill was originally handed within families and Vils became famous for the quality of its violins beyond the borders of Austria.

Sights in Vils

The parish church of the Ascension of Mary definitely gives the impression of being an imposing church in a town. Pictures and paintings from famous masters decorate the inside and one of the bells in the tower was smelted in 1502 by Peter and Gregor Löffler. Another church, the Church of St Anna, is located near the Vilseck ruins.

It is difficult to evoke the atmosphere of bygone days at the ruins themselves, but some of the pomp and the traditions can be seen at the Folk Museum in the town.

Activities in Vils

In the winter, guests and residents have the choice of a toboggan run, cross-country skiing trails, a ski lift and an ice-skating rink, as well as cleared walking and horseriding trails.

In the summer many walking trails and mountain bike tours leave from Vils. Summer curling, bathing in the Alatsee and a visit to the Imperial castles across the German border in Hohenschwangau are also easily undertaken.

Vils Tourist Office
Stadtplatz 1
A-6682 Vils
Tel: 05677 8229
Fax: 05677 20044

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